Weight Loss Or Waste Loss?

© 2002 Dr. Paul Mach, DN

Today on the radio show I was asked to address the age-old issue of weight loss. This is an interesting subject because Americans in general are some of the best grain fed people on this little round planet of ours. This big fat problem is even creeping into our adolescent population where being overweight will affect the child physically and psychologically, for many years to come.

Weight loss is a multi faceted issue. Not only is practically every negative health concern worsened along with increased incidence of disease with the overweight person, but also there are multitudes of psychological and emotional issues involved. We will explore a partial list of the many variables that are indicated in this rampant disease.

To resolve this problem there are many aspects that the patient ultimately must take control of. Ignorance is not bliss it is ignorant. We are very weak and childlike over the conditioning and marketing created for us through our society. We must learn to think and do, and abandon the lemmings’ mentality.

1. FOOD: most food available to us today was not even available 50 years ago. The “stuff” we are fed today is so chemically engineered, altered, gene spliced, over processed, reconstituted, modified, irradiated, and fortified that this is nothing like what God or evolution had intended the homo-sapien animal to exist on. We are fed piles and tons of great tasting shit, designed to feed the masses, make the suits obnoxious amounts of money, and satiate our hedonistic desires of instant oral gratification. Unfortunately we close our eyes to our deevolutionization never taking into consideration the harmful affects accumulating causing a mass epidemic of slow suicide to 80% of our population through self induced cancers, heart attacks and strokes. Even our water supply has been massively altered to provide fluid to the masses. Chlorine, fluoride, along with other poisons don’t build strong anything. They are poison. Simple. Get it. Would you let your dog get to the state of health, obesity, fatigue that you or your loved ones are experiencing. Would you feed you prized dog, cat or livestock the garbage you allow yourself to consume? Highly doubtful.

2. FLUID: WATER, water, H2O, and more water. Pure distilled, or reverse osmosis water only. No tap water chemical broth stuff. It’s not even great for your laundry, plants or crops. What makes you think it’s good for you? Well water is no good either. Way to much chemical run off and too many unusable heavy metals to expect your body to process (can you say kidney dysfunction and painful arthritis). As for soda. Here is an experiment you can try at home. Take your favorite plant, orchid, or even your dog. Give them nothing but coke every day. Sit back and watch them suffer and die (editors note: do not let the ASPCA catch you feeding your dog the food you eat, or giving your pet coke frequently, killing and abusing of animals is punishable in the state of Illinois by fines and imprisonment). Oh and for the multitudes that drink no water, stop giving your child, dog or orchid water. See what happens. Why kill yourself?

3. EXERCISE: For another experiment, go buy a Saint Bernard and keep him locked in your bedroom. You do this to yourself. Humans were designed to be mobile. To run, play, climb, trek and boogie. We were not designed to be a noninteractive sloth. All those muscles were placed in your body to get and keep you moving. This avoids muscular atrophy, increases lymphatic drainage (breast cancer patients usually have their lymph glands removed, the lymph often becomes stagnant in that quadrant of the breast and it is highly suspicious of being a primary cause of breast cancer) through diaphragmatic breathing, and increases the oxygen in the blood stream increasing immune function and energy.

4. TREAT THE CAUSE NOT THE EFFECT: Weight gain is an effect. A poor diet, lack of water and exercise, a hypothyroid due to heavy metal toxicity or low iodine, a sluggish liver, a polluted colon, candida or parasites, poor digestion food allergies are but a few of the causes that could be at the center of the problem. Phen-fen, metabo-speed, high protein, or liquid diets all are effective, but carry with them consequences and never address the primary concern and problem. This is always something that needs to be addressed.

5. LOVE YOURSELF: The road to health, happiness, longevity and making your friends and loved ones lives bearable are to love yourself, and who you are at any given moment. You don’t necessarily have to like where you are at, but that can always be changed or improved if you are committed to your life. You do however need to be at peace with your soul and your spirit \ God \ higher power. I have found those who love themselves will go the extra step to create the life, body and future that will be in direct proportion to the magnificent manifested being you see yourself as.

So folks there you have it. A selection of several of the key issues to be addressed. These should be considered not just for obesity, but for fatigue, and prevention of any disease you may choose to avoid. These may also be utilized for creating vibrant health and creating a life or body you love. This page may also be used for lining birdcages if you are so inclined.

Thank you, and if you choose to, proactively create a magnificent future, it truly is yours and only yours, to create.