Components To The Nutritional Consultation

Imperative Health Information
© 2002 Dr. Paul Mach, DN

Lifestyle Modifications:

Think - Question Authority - Don’t Be Naïve - Show Love & Compassion - You Are Responsible - Stop Dysgenic Conditions - The Dying of Americans - Why Be Normal? - Search For The Truth - Care For Your Biological Terrain - Change Now - Listen To Your Heart - EXERCISE - Be Happy

- Increase pure water - H2O consumption: distilled, reverse osmosis, etc. (2-3 quarts daily)
- Increase raw; preferably organic, fruits
- Increase raw; preferably organic, vegetables (especially leafy green vegetables) (no canned)
- Increase raw nuts and seeds (not peanuts)
- Increase fibrous foods
- Increase home cooked beans; legumes and lentils
- Increase soy, tofu, tempeh and TVP products in place of meat
- Increase whole grains, brown rice, millet, rye, wild rice and products containing whole grains
- Increase herbal teas, fresh vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies (not pasteurized or bottled)
- Use soy, almond or rice milks and cheeses instead of dairy
- Use organic eggs
- If you choose to eat fish: Broil or bake freshwater white fish, salmon or water packed tuna
- If you choose to eat poultry: Skinless turkey or chicken (range bred or organic)
- Make more undercooked homemade vegetable soups and stews
- Use only cold pressed, organic oils for cooking: corn, safflower, sesame, sunflower, canola.
- Use cold pressed, organic flax and olive oil daily, uncooked added to foods, soups and stews
- Utilize an excellent Multiple Vitamin and Mineral supplement (not the crappy cheap stuff)
- Care for your soul, love the spirit that is you, embrace your earthly experience and grow, learn and experience your time on earth with compassion, love and integrity toward your brother


- Eliminate smoking and minimize the use of alcohol and OTC drugs
- Eliminate all sodas, sugared or carbonated drinks and useless-sports-sugar-performance drinks
- Eliminate pasteurized fruit and orange juices
- Eliminate white flour products, white rice, pasta, and all those horrific cereals claiming nutrition
- Eliminate hydrogenated, hardened and rancid oils, margarine, fried oil foods, shortening and lard
- Eliminate high sugar food, corn syrups, fructose
- Eliminate processed junk foods; snack cakes, cookies and chips
- Eliminate fast foods; burger, hot dogs, chicken, fries etc., etc., etc
- Coffee
- Milk/Cheese and pasteurized products and ice cream especially hydrogenated artificial creamers
(soy, almond and rice drinks and ice cream are okay)
- Red meat and pork especially hot dogs, sausage, luncheon and processed meats, organ meat
- Eliminate Aspartame, Sweet & Low, Nutrasweet, MSG & derivatives (all are poisonous & toxic)
- Eliminate all foods containing chemical additives and ingredients you can’t pronounce. These were not meant for human consumption and utilize a chemist not a chef to manufacture.
- Eliminate: hate, fear, pride, greed, lust, anger, envy, gluttony and sloth

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