What To Do Now?

By Dr. Paul Mach, DN

Being here now, in the present moment, addressing all the emotions, love, responsibility, aches, pains, bills, and lions, tigers and bears we claim as our life, is without a doubt a major stressor to the bodies systems, especially the old adrenal glands.  What are you to do now that your whole prescribed medical system of  “they that are supposed to take care of me” is HANDED BACK TO YOU.  The power of your own spirit is pulled forward to take control and preserve your life and make it as radiant of an experience as possible… or not.

There is an old Tibetan story that I love and try to think of often.  It is called, "The Father of As Famous as the Moon."

A very poor man, after a great deal of hard work, had managed to accumulate a whole sack of grain.  He was proud of himself, and when he got home he strung the bag up with a rope from one of the rafters of his house to keep it safe from rats and thieves.

He left it hanging there and settled down underneath it for the night as an added precaution, lying there, his mind began to wander:  "If I can sell this grain off in small quantities, that will make the biggest profit.  With that I can buy some more grain, and do the same again, and before too long I'll become rich, and I'll be someone to reckon with in the community.  Plenty of girls will be after me.  I'll marry a beautiful woman, and before too long we'll have a child . . . it will have to be a son . . . What on earth will we call him?"  Looking round the room, his gaze fell upon the little window, through which he could see the moon rising. 

"What a sign!" he thought.  "How auspicious!  That's a really good name.  I'll call him 'As famous as the Moon' . . . Now while he had been carried away in his speculation, a rat had found its way to the sack of grain and chewed through the rope.  At the very moment the words "As famous as the Moon" issued from his lips, the bag of grain dropped from the ceiling and killed him, instantly.  "As famous as the Moon," of course was never born.

I, like many of us, and like the man in the story, get caught up in our own form of active laziness.
We don't allocate the real time, the real energy, or the real education to dictate health, spiritual enhancement and wellness in our lives.  How many times have we put off exercising, as we continue to increase in weight and girth, and decrease in muscle tone?  We put off eating truly nutritious as we keep feeling more sluggish and less like ourselves, and we turn over our lives and our future to chance or others.  We may feel unhealthy and realize that dysgenesis is occurring, but we are too "actively lazy" to take control.  People love their cars, they wash them, they wax them, they change the oil every three or four thousand miles, and usually do not think twice about putting in expensive oil, premium gasoline and even put in the original manufacturers overpriced parts.  They want their vehicle in peak performance.  They do not want it breaking down and leaving them stranded.  Do we give our bodies this same courtesy?

We intuitively know we need to take care of our bodies.  It is like the old saying, "If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself".  I find that many people just are not committed.  Active laziness occurs.  You have paid for a book of information; and being the author I must give it to you straight.  At the risk of being overpowering, if you do not take care of yourself, eat nourishing food , detoxify, and exercise appropriately for the species of animal you are, you my friend you are going to die, or even far worse than death, be a “Normal American”, be ailing and sluggish for a long time while you are suffering, degenerating,  medicating, rotting in your own self-created biological terrain and dying.

We all have watched friends and loved ones suffer and die.  It is a painful experience.  I am here, to state with definitive integrity that much of this pain, agony and suffering engulfing America can be avoided.  Please avoid crisis healthcare, prevention is much less painful, less expensive and much more productive.

Think back for a moment to your friends, loved ones and possibly even a time in your life where that feeling of death or tragic illness occurred.  Do you feel how devastating it was for everyone involved?  Are you able to see the pain, the care, and the concern?  Can you see how tragic illness effects not just the person involved, but all your friends, family and loved ones?  If this person is/was you, can you hear yourself saying, "I wish I would have, could have, or should have…".  Now is the time to see what can be done to listen and learn and to take action and feel your best.  You are the master of your life and death.  In a world of uncertainty, your body is the only thing you truly own, as the vehicle for your real self, your whole life.  The only way to predict your future is to start creating it today.

     Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book on Living and Dying, Harper San Francisco, 1994, p. 18

My request is for you to take 5 minutes and write down the 10 most valuable and cherished people, possessions, dreams, goals and aspirations in your life.  (i.e. family, spouse, friends, loved ones, career, hobbies, pets, travels, possessions and toys, etc.).  Do this in Column 1.  In Column 2. write down the feelings this loved one, possession, dream or aspiration gives you.  (happy, safe, secure, loved, proud, powerful, etc.)  The following page has a goal worksheet page.  Please take the time to complete this.

                     ValuableAsset                                        Feeling associated with Asset































Do Not Continue Reading Until Finished With Exercise!

YOUR GOAL SHEET                                (Please use additional paper if warranted)

  1. This is your opportunity to look at what your concerns are regarding you and your health.  Health is a flourishing condition of body mind and spirit.  This list need not be only your primary health concerns, but any ache, pain or complaint you wish would disappear. These need not be only physical, but may be of a mental emotional or spiritual nature also. This list may also include your thoughts and feelings on how your body is not everything you believe it should be. Include fears you have based on preexisting conditions or things you want to avoid in the future. You may even feel these to be eminent if they are not addressed at this time.




  1. How are these health problems affecting you and your life right now? What does this concern stop you from doing and how does it affect your life with your friends and family? Please describe.




  1. What will occur 1 year from now, if these concerns are not addressed? What will occur if nothing is done, 5 years from now? 10 years from now?  Please describe.





  1. What do you want your life to be like? What will your life look like when you are functioning at your optimal capacity instead of where you are in your present condition? Please describe.




  1. What will your life look like 5 years from now, if you change your destiny by functioning at your optimum?   10 years from now? Please describe.




Most of us take our health for granted.  What would your life and the lives of those you love be like if your health was endangered?  Would you accomplish your life's dreams?  How much money would you spend in your last hours of life to extend it longer?  Don't make the mistake most people make.  Don't wait to realize how important your health is until after you have lost it!!  Spend your money, time, and energy now to exercise, eat healthy, eliminate excessive stress, and take appropriate food supplements.  Health is a matter of small daily choices.  You must do them now.  I have worked with way too many people who wait way too long to try to back step to save their lives.

This list of loved ones; prized possession and all earthly belongings can be snatched away in a millisecond.  All these feelings of love, joy, accomplishment and pleasure, can turn into your chosen painful learning experience as it is taken away.  All that is loved and prized cannot save you in that moment when your bodies terminal humanity is realized. You can save yourself only in embracing and living your highest essence at this moment and those that follow.  Your future begins now.

Don’t forget the most important factor in maintaining or attaining health is a consistent positive mental attitude.  More and more evidence is accumulating that what we think, feel and internally represent has a tremendous affect on the way our body functions.  Our mind is so powerful, yet we only utilize a fraction of its capabilities. 

The first step is taking personal responsibility for your own positive mental state, your life, your current situation and your health.  The next step is taking action to make the changes you desire.  With every positive action you will gain momentum and strength.  These actions may be reading this book, going to a seminar, possibly seeking the aid of a professional: or it may simply be a matter of doing the things that you have been telling yourself to do for years, but before now you have been putting off.  Take action NOW!  Make healthy choices in all aspects of your life, and you will be rewarded