By: Dr. Paul Mach, DN

Once upon a time a priest, or maybe it was a Buddhist monk, actually it may have been a Sufi master, gave a sermon to his congregation. It was the greatest homily anyone had ever heard. You know the type that I’m talking about, the one that you listen to with your soul and it feels like it was composed with no one but you in mind. It touches you deep down into the hollow of your being. Well, after this homily/lesson the congregation applauded and congratulated the church leader. Even his assistants were touched by the message telling him what a life changing message he had delivered.

The following Sunday anticipation was in the air as the congregation anxiously awaited the words of this learned master. To everyone’s dismay the teacher gave the exact same lecture. There was some concern, but everyone still applauded. The third and fourth week he once again spoke the same fundamental words of basic advice and knowledge. They touched the congregation but were passed off as redundant and boring. The people knew of there validity, but wanted something new and exciting. One of the priests/monks/masters approached the speaker after the sermon. He said “with all due respect your most Holiness, the sermon you teach is truthful and life changing, but do you realize it is the exact same sermon you have given for the last month? How long are you going to go on doing this?”

“Oh you noticed the repetition. That is the first step to understanding.” replied his Holiness. “To answer your second question, I am going to keep educating my people on these simple life changing basics until you and everyone else not just hears, but actually listens to and utilizes what I am saying.”

Oh what a concept to actually hear what is said. Those of you who have children or who have ever worked with a child know exactly what I am saying. The term selective hearing has its origin here. Those of you who have ever been in a relationship or have ever interacted with another living creature know what it’s like to speak and not be heard. The truth is it’s actually not hearing, it’s not hearing what is being said, interpretation. Why do we take something that angers us (like not listening) and act this out in our life. All to often our brain is too actively listening, creating, judging and just plain making to damn much noise to actually hear what another person is saying. Our prior life experiences actually overpower our present life experience. We have opinions and judgements for everything, and darn it they’re mine and I’m going to hang on to them, use them, and live by them. Right or wrong.

There is a term for this inner conversation that we all have. It allows you to hear you, but not to hear others. It is called your already-always listening. I’ll give you an example. Play along. I want all of you to think of a dog. Picture it. The color of its coat, its size, its ears and the bark it makes. I’m glad you pictured a Shetland Sheepdog. My first dog as a child. You mean you were not picturing a Sheltie. What were you picturing? Well you’re wrong, if that wasn’t the picture you had in your mind. You never listen to me. Why weren’t you listening to me? You never listen to me…..and so the conversation goes. We all have been in this conversation. We have very active and imaginary minds and our already active listening, our previous experiences (of dogs or whatever) cloud our minds of what others are trying to communicate.

So it is with dogs, so it is with healthcare. Learned conceptions, whether right or wrong can create so much internal stubbornness and noise that you can’t hear over your own mental inner self-righteous voice. Creating an educated, energized, empowered and enlightened patient becomes difficult. Our already-always listening is so loud we can’t hear what is being said. As your partner in health, my coaching purpose is to assist you in creating a healthy energized long life through straight practical education of the basics.


(Course outline and summary)

LESSON # 1: Drink pure H2O preferably distilled and at least an amount in ounces equal to your body weight divided by two. This is needed for every biochemical process in the body to occur!!!! Dehydration is a major contributor of almost every disease process. 

LESSON #2: Homo Sapiens Require Exercise. Take yourself out for a long walk. The animal kingdom requires animals to move about. It is important for muscle tone, lymphatic movement, toxin elimination and calorie utilization, etc. The human species is a dynamic, vibrant, powerful creature designed for athletic prowess, not being a couch potato.

LESSON #3: Breath. Breath in the air. Don’t be afraid to care (quote: David Gilmour & Roger Waters). Humans require O2. >O2 = <CO2 (increased oxygen equals decreased carbon dioxide, a metabolic waste product).  Cancer and free radical damage is not likely to occur in an oxygenated and nutrient dense environment. Aerobic exercise not only oxygenates the body, but creates movement and builds muscle tone as stated above.

LESSON #4: Eat Foods Appropriate to the Species. You don’t feed Fido, the family mutt, corn chips and coke and candy and french fries and burgers, because Fido will DIE. So do Homo sapiens! Don’t believe me? Look at the American statistics on obesity, cancer, heart attacks and strokes. If the zoo fed their orangutans and gorillas the Standard American Diet (SAD for short) they would be fined and closed for inhumane treatment to animals. Most foods consumed by Americans today did not exist 100 years ago and if they did they did not exist in their altered and refined and nutrient deficient state. Do your foods have nutrients?

LESSON #5: Elimination. Take in nutrients-eliminate waste. Toxin build up is poison to the body. Do you want your inner body full of fresh nutrient dense life enhancing fluid? Or do you want your internal being full of excess waste product that can’t be voided out through the urine, bowel or sweat? This occurs when you are producing and ingesting too many poisons faster than you can excrete them. Remember what doesn’t come out of the body stays in your body. The scary thing is you may be literally full of it if you’re not careful.

Just a few basics that you or the average alien taking hostages and caring for a human being may want to know. These sound simple, but they are indeed the bare basics that are imperative, but all

too often neglected. I had an Iguana named Iguana once. He ate like a king. All the right stuff including vitamins. He got to exercise, had run of the house, and I had trees for him to climb. He had fresh water and clean air. He had it made. Oops. Forgot the fresh sunlight. The floor to ceiling windows blocked the UV rays and let none of this vital nutrient in which is involved in iguana calcium metabolism. Lethargic Iguana-than Dead Iguana.

If you analyzed your own basic care of the physical element, disregarding our spiritual aspect for a moment, are you administering proper care? THINK, THINK, THINK.

Last week as I was at the gym at 8 p.m. I noticed there was only one other person there. A common occurrence. There are really only three gyms in the area: Westwood, The YMCA and A Woman’s Facility along with a few martial arts studios. Is everyone at the other clubs or is everyone in the area so buff that they need not work out. It’s funny how in cities gyms are so crowded and here, an excellent facility promoted by the Park District had so few people. I turned to the gentleman, the young and dedicated Mr. T..M. and asked why people aren’t utilizing a facility like this? Are we just losers and everyone else is so built that we are the only people who require the utilization of steel, pulleys, and bicycles in our life? He didn’t have much to say, looked at me like whom you calling a loser you big goof, and continued on his routine.

It than occurred to me that the world is available for all of us. Health, vitality, energy, and a body you love are our birthrights. As the flower in the field is clothed with beauty beyond the garments of kings, and as homeostasis occurs and keeps us constantly functioning despite all of the self inflicted abuses, we have a right to be here. How we choose to flourish and at what level are based upon each and every choice we make. Your physical well being is based upon your accumulative decisions (so is our mental, spiritual and emotional well being and evolution). Choose growth, vibrancy, and longevity. Reach for the stars-they truly are yours.

What humans are capable is incredible.
What is often achieved is pathetic.