Take a glimps into the eternal

By: Dr. Paul Mach, DN



It occurs to me that the world is available for all of us. Health, vitality, energy, and life and love themselves are our birthrights. As the flower in the field is clothed with beauty beyond the garments of kings, and as homeostasis occurs and keeps our magnificent body functioning despite all of our abuses, we have a right to be here. We have chosen to be here. What we choose to create and at what level we choose to live out our earthly existence are based upon each and every decision we make.

For every action there is an occurrence. These occurrences we label good or bad, right or wrong, you or me, win or loose. They are occurrences, nothing more, nothing less. We are the ones with the short, unidimensional thought process that provides a label or a pigeonhole for them. With experiences, however, come lessons. What we choose to do with these lessons is entirely up to us. Frequently we repeat lessons and experiences over and over throughout this lifetime and what may seem like hundreds of others. We can all think of experiences in our life where it is our insane cellular memory, certainly not us, that repeats these crazy behaviors over and over. It may feel that our life is controlled and ruined by these repetitive experiences. Learn the life lesson and break out of your pattern and move on.

An analogy I once heard was that life is like a mosaic. Up close it makes no sense. It is nothing but lead or chunks of funny cut colored glass. Oh, but step back and you have a magnificent picture. How often do we get caught up in focusing in on the gray lead solder in our life and not the whole magnificent picture that is being created within this frame work.

My favorite movie is Lost Horizon, by James Hilton. It is about Shangri-La. The heaven, on earth we all dream and fanaticize our life to be. There is a line in the movie that says, “There our moments in each man’s life when he glimpses the eternal.”  Have you ever glimpsed the miraculous? Haven’t we all had daydreams about how we would like our life, health, relationships, love, body, job, etc. to be? Why do we tell our children they can do or be anything if they only put enough energy and dedication into it? While we refuse to face the reality, the enlightened image that is larger than ourselves that we want, because we have set limitations, built walls and continuously stay engaged in our marry-go-round of habit, patterns and unlearned lessons. I remember a man who once said, “I have a dream.” He followed through.

In fact it was Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Ghandi, Martin Luther, Malcolm X, Mohammed, Moses who all had dreams, visions and belief systems that let them step beyond all limitations. These were beliefs and limits set down by the whole world, and not only did these men glimpse the eternal, but created their dream vision here on this planet. Their visions extended beyond their broken, shot or hung bodies. Their energy will remain forever on earth. We will never be the same, based upon the glimpses of these miraculous men.

You may say, “well I can’t do that.”  Well I say, “what can you do?”

There were parents who brought their newborn daughter home from the hospital. They had a three-year-old boy at home who was delighted to have a new sister. After a few days he started asking the parents if he could be alone with his sister. They were hesitant, worried and concerned. Why? They asked. He just said he needed to be alone with her. The parents finally agreed one evening to allow the boy to spend time alone with his sister in her bedroom. The parents were sly and listened in on the baby monitor to chaperone and make sure all was well. What they heard changed their lives forever. The little boy said to his newborn sister, “Please help me to remember who God is, I’m getting old and I am starting to forget.”

Are we getting old and starting to forget our dreams, our glimpses of who we really are? Let us have the faith of the children, the wanderlust of life. What is a life worth living if it was never lived? Never sell out.

Reach for the stars-they truly are yours.

What humans are capable is incredible.
What is often achieved is pathetic.
Be Happy.