Behold the Devine

By Dr. Paul Mach, DN

Enlightenment or Owning and embracing the DIVINE SELF; Puritas cordis (purity of heart) means much more than moral perfection. It is the end of a long process of spiritual transformation in which the soul-spirit-divinity of true SELF, perfect in clarity, detached from all created things, free from the movements of inordinate passion, is able to live absorbed in God, one with God, knowing that they and all others are intertwined with ONENESS. They are penetrated with vivid intuitions of divine action, intuitions which "grasp" God in a secret and intimate experience not only of who they are, but of whom those around them REALLY are. The individual, who sees God in everyone, not only knows God, but remembers. They see life not merely by faith. It is not a theological speculation. It is an intimate and incommunicable experience. It is a painful longing for home, a remembering; a heart retching for the oneness it knows is true and sees beyond this illusion.