Cancer Manifestations

By Dr. Paul Mach, DN

This week no philosophy, just the facts. Listen hard because this will effect you. Cancer is the number one health concern of most Americans. Ever since Richard Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971, billions have been spent to “cure” this disease. The truth is that this very expensive war, raging for almost 30 years has gained minimal to no real success. In 1996, about 1.3 million people were diagnosed with cancer, and about half of these people will die from either the disease or the treatment used to conventionally cure the disease. Cancer now kills more children between the ages of 3-14 than any other illness. The fact is that the number of both new cancer cases and deaths continue to rise. From 1950 to 1980 there was an 8% increase in cancer deaths, but from 1975 to 1989 the number of new cases each year increased 13% and the mortality rate rose 7%.

Where does cancer come from?
Cancer need not have a single cause, but may occur due to multiple interacting precipitating factors. As much as science strives to identify a single causative factor it will always remain as elusive as the magic bullet substance to eradicate it. A partial list of the multifactoral aspects that impinge on an individual’s body, mind, organ systems and spirit follows. This list is not complete. It is not just my opinion, but compiled from over 30 of our nations top Doctors. If interested in more data please contact myself or purchase the book The Definitive Guide to Cancer, by Burton Goldberg.

Cancer cell development is a normal bodily process of abnormal cellular development. Experts in the field of oncology state approximately 300 cancer cells develop in the body every day. 300 abnormal cells are a small amount when you consider that the body is composed of 30 trillion cells. Cancer cells are a legitimate part of life. The difference between a person who develops cancer and a person who is able to break down these mutations is that in the latter the immune system is able to eliminate these damaged cells before they are able to do any damage or start an illegitimate growth process that will result in a tumor.  Cancer reflects a change or mutation in the DNA. Out of the billions of DNA replications and new cells that are created every day some margin of error is bound to occur in the body. Those who practice a healthy lifestyle, consume nutritious life giving natural foods, drink plenty of pure water, exercise, and care for and nurture themselves mentally, spiritually and emotionally, along with following sensible preventative measures may be able to keep these abnormal cells in check. Those who compromise themselves in any one of dozens of potential negative influences open themselves up to potential cancer and health risks. These facilitators put the body into a condition of weakness, vulnerability and immune weakness and dysfunction. In this weakened and compromised condition cancer cells, or any condition, gains the upper hand and is able to begin a process of proliferation and destruction.

Your biochemical and physiological makeup along with many types of stress placed upon the body play an important role of disease development. The #1 thing is that it is an accumulative affect of the many carcinogens and immune suppressing actions that we expose ourselves to and create every day. When all of these factors accumulate and interact together, it sets up the environment for dis-ease to occur and cancer cells to proliferate.

Your million dollar list of what causes cancer:
1) Poor diet: processed nutrient deplete foods, additives and chemicals, a diet lacking in 7-10 servings of vegetables or fruits per day (preferably raw and organic), consumption of high allergen foods such as dairy or wheat, sugar,  soda, hydrogenated oils, junk and fast foods
2) Poor bodily toxic waste removal: constipation, inadequate water intake, sluggish liver, sluggish kidneys or sluggish bowel
3) Sedentary lifestyle: lack of exercise, lack of exercise, lack of exercise
4) Carcinogen exposure: firsthand or second hand smoke, lawn or household chemicals and residues, bug poisons, air pollution, junk food, hydrogenated oils in food, vaccines, irradiated foods, chlorine & fluoride, radiation, tobacco, dental amalgams and factors
5) Poor absorption and breakdown of food: leaky gut, digestive impairment (i.e. stomach, liver, gall bladder conditions)
6) Emotions: guilt, fear, remorse, anger, boredom, loneliness, negative attitude,
7) Stress: whether real, imagined or self imposed
8) Chi or energy blockage: inactivity, structural damage, or spinal nerve impingement
9) Genetic predisposition: hereditary weaknesses are a concern not a verdict
10) Viruses, parasites, candida: These life forms if allowed to propagate are destructive to the body

Long list you say. “Takes all the fun out of life” and “what am I supposed to do now?” I can hear you grumbling now. The funny thing is if you really take a look at the list, it really makes sense. If you remove stubbornness, conditioning and unreasonable false attachments, and truly look objectively you can’t help but realize that these aren’t things you want as part of your daily life or those you love. Be proactive. Don’t just “walk” for a cure. Prevention is the best cure. Live Health. Avoid the problem in the first place. Acquisition of cancer is not our species destiny if we treat our species the way our species should be treated. 

Look at how you care for your child, loved ones or even your dog, Fido. You wouldn’t want them eating many of the things you eat. You say, “don’t give that to Fido,” as you wolf it down. You often worry about their health and well being more than your own. The funny part is we shove these foods into our face on a daily basis. We live on the verge of collapse or exploding, and shrug it off.  We continue to drink soda and no water. Would you want your child or dog to exist like this? We have health problems we continue to ignore and either figure it will A) go away or B) we cover it up with pills, potions and meds. These problems need to be addressed. If you do not address these issues they are guaranteed to manifest themselves in your life somehow. Crisis is not the optimum time to implement change.  Address stress before it knocks you out. Confront your issues. Be at peace with your soul. Be informed. Be strong. Make wise educated choices. Be powerful.

POSTSCRIPT:  If you went out and bought an exotic pet this week, a pot bellied pig, an iguana, or a tarantula, you would go out and purchase a book or two on the care, nurturing and raising of this creature. You my friend are a unique and exotic creature. Read some books on human care. Learn what to feed a human animal. How the wrong foods will sicken and kill it. Discover what makes it/you function at it’s healthiest and most vibrant level. How do you deal with a pet human’s life issues, emotions, baggage and requirements? These affect its performance, it’s abilities and ultimately your health. Your health and your life is ultimately your responsibility. Raise a blue ribbon human. Win the race. If you compromise your health…YOU ultimately lose.