The Optimal Protocol

What is the optimal protocol? This is a program designed for anyone wants to stars at the beginning: A and work through to Z. This is what I have my parents do and have my patients follow.

To live your life fully; body, mind and soul must function in a thriving condition. You must sit down before fact and be prepared to give up erroneous preconceived notions, manipulative propaganda and inaccurate information. You must be willing to face the truth. By using functional healthcare and its natural indications you support and care for the whole person through diet, nutritional supplementation and addressing the cause and prevention of disease and not just symptomatic treatment.

Preface to #1 Treat your thought processes. You must get your head together and be open and honest with yourself and take a clear view of the eronious behaviors or you will be destined to live and die by these poisonous thoughts and actions. Detoxification begins in the head, soul and spirit. After having worked for 1 ½ years with only cancer patients and discussing the how, why and where of this disease it was discovered that we all hold onto a lot of really ugly stuff that eats away at our spirit and soul faster than any malignancy can grow within our tissues. Unfortunately nothing tears down the body, the immune system, the spirit, your life force and energy more than stress, hate, self-righteousness and fear that eat away at the very core of our humanity. We have come to this space at this time to be… and are the artists of our own life canvas. There is no meaning here except for what we place upon our lives artistry. Starting from this raw material of self and manifested soul we create the good, the bad and the hideous. Detoxify the head. COST: FREE & YOUR WHOLE LIFE

#1 The first physical aspect to address in any health protocol is under Imperative Health Information on my homepage. You must be open-minded and address the data regarding hydration and the basics of dietary and eating principles must always be addressed for all Homo Sapiens to survive. I cannot stress the fundamental basics enough. They are fundamental, they are basic and they are imperative. If you just followed these do’s and don’ts you would be in the top 20 percent of the population simply by following intelligent health survival techniques. Never forget the basics. No matter how much money you spend, supplements or prescriptions you take there is no substitute for a pure heart, a healthy head and spirit and optimal hydration and nutritious fuel and food. COST: FREE & TIME, THOUGHT & EFFORT

#2 The next most important aspect is read through my web site. I have tried to make it is informative and as simple as possible. After reading through go to “ordering information” and purchase The Dying of Americans, A Survival Guide for the Health Warrior in the New Millennium this is a basic guide embellishing simple straight mind-blowing information, A Compilation of Health Information Designed to Save Your Life are published health articles detailing a multitude of common questions patients want intelligent answers to and THINK Without Letting Your Thoughts Get In The Way a book designed to help overcome the illusions propagated within our world that affect the way we think or don’t think. These are important books written from my heart designed to be simple manuals to lead you through the maze of confusion and erroneous propaganda designed to make you a huge financial contributor to a healthcare system and a faceless cog with a SSN void of soul, underpowered of your own health, life and spirits destiny. These books are simple, straight and to the point. They will kick your ass with the real truth…no manipulation. COST: MINIMAL

#3 I feel that a physical detoxification program is imperative before starting any supplementation protocol. This assists the body in getting the most out of the supplements you will be taking. Please see Herbal Detoxification. You must clean house before you supplement, build and repair. It’s smart to Remove the garbage before you rebuild, repair and recover. These are AWSOME formulations I have prepared to get you started.

Check out the Bach questionnaire. Get a Journal and start writing. Start talking to those you love and those you don’t even like. Resolve your conflicts and negative neural dissociations. It’s never to late to have a happy childhood or a happy adulthood.

#4 At this point there are many directions you may follow depending on the health conditions you are dealing with, how you are feeling, your commitment to your health, and the amount of money you care to invest in yourself.
A) Herbal Formulations and Support made from the finest organic and wild crafted herbs have been designed to support your health issue with time proven formulas and tinctures. These are for supporting the body to overcome each particular concern. This is a wonderful starting point.
You can B) look up your health condition and take the recommended protocol. Biotics Food Supplementation is a wonderful professional line of Nutritional products that is at the top of supplements available only through doctors and holistic health care practitioners. Doctor’s A-Z Food supplementation is a great, inexpensive product line using name brand quality ingredients. You can't go wrong with either line. One is the Rolls-Royce the other is a Cadillac. Prior to starting any supplementation protocol and as a disclaimer I must recommend that you consult with your medical doctor even if he knows absolutely nothing about nutrition, vitamins and wellness programs.
C) Fill out the online questionnaire that will start to address and outline some of the areas that may need to be looked at to get the most out of your nutritional supplementation protocol. This is not a diagnosis and so you should always consult with your medical doctor prior to starting any nutrition protocol. This questionnaire will start to peel away at some of the layers or causes of your symptoms. THIS IS WHAT MOST PEOPLE FOLLOW THROUGH WITH. You might want to call my office and set up a phone consultation to assist you along the way.
D) Test and get specific. See #5. THIS IS ONLY FOR THE EXTREMELY COMMITTED. Don’t start something unless you intend to finish it and invest the time, money and energy that is needed to propel you into optimum health. Honestly just start with the first four recommendations. These alone will put you into the top 10-20% of the population. If your commitment level is high enough there are specialized programs and workshops available both long distance and at my office to truly help you resolve your problem. Please feel to call my if you have that type of commitment level.

#5 All Health “symptoms” have a “cause.” “Treating symptoms” instead of the “healing the cause” does not get to the origin, root or cause of the condition. If a health “symptom” is patched, poisoned, drugged, burned or manipulated it will manifest itself in another precarious “symptom” only to repeat the whole process again. Prevention and causative support is well documented in the annals of medical research.

The “bestest” thing you can do is follow through with my office and go through a panel of evaluations. It is a thorough and complete evaluation and education on how your body is working at this point in time. The more data that you/we have to work with the more specific we can get to finding an intelligent, educated and scientific solution to your problem. I do not diagnose disease or treat. I am Not A Medical Doctor. I simply take as many pieces to the puzzle called your life, health history and evaluative test results and play Sherlock Holmes compiling intelligent lifestyle, dietary, supplementatal and nutritional adjuncts specific to your bodies many cries for help. THIS IS NOT DIAGNOSTIC. I DO NOT DIAGNOSE OR TREAT ANY HEALTH CONDITION! I can only teach and assist you to live, think, and support your body and life. As outlined under Compendium of Services and involve evaluations of your hair, urine, blood through reference laboratories. I am a teacher of health, right living and an educator of how you heal your own body through intelligent living, exercise, hydration and correct nutrients.