Functional Medicine

Dr. Paul Mach, DN

Health is defined in Webster's Dictionary as: 1.  the condition of being sound in body, mind and soul; esp: freedom from physical disease and pain.  2.  flourishing condition.

Disease is defined in Webster's Dictionary as: an impairment of the normal state of the living animal or plant body that affects the performance of the vital functions: sickness.

It is obviously clear that health and disease cannot be regarded as dichotomous states of existence.  A middle ground exists between health and overt pathology in regard to non-traumatic diseases.  This middle ground is dysgenesis.  It represents a progressive and staged path of the loss of optimal physiological health and the development of overt pathology.

Dysgenesis results when congenital inadequacies, stress and nutritional deficiencies coalesce to present a functional disorder with emergent properties not provided by any disgenic factors alone.  It is characterized by the loss of health and the onset of a series of subacute and disruptive changes. 

Dysgenesis does not represent any disease entity.  It is by definition multiple sub-pathologic influences.  It is an aberrant functional syndrome that represents a significant accumulation of pathogenic influences.  Unfortunately, conventional medical practice often overlooks the dysgenic changes because non-specific deviations from the broad tolerance of referenced laboratory values and insensitivity to any health disorder less than overt pathology.  Medicine's perception should not be limited to overt pathology.  Our goal should be the discernment of the dysgenic influences occurring in the patients and, utilizing the sources of medical science, employ the art of medical practice to prevent disease and promote health."

We must stop pretending that conditions or diseases are "caught" or just happen. We are not victims.  Pasteur's Germ Theory, where germs come and get you is not reality.  Most degenerative disease is not derived from any single root, cause, germ, virus or bug.  Degenerative diseases are multi-factorial.  They evolve.  There is no normal "headache", "backache", or "deteriorating condition".  "The lack or appreciation of the multi-factorial components of all non-trauma related or genetic disorders represents a significant failure of the allopathic medical philosophy that is translated to a major inadequacy in current medical practice."

Functional Medicines’ focus is to resolve the underlying fundamental pathogenesis of as many root causes to health conditions as possible as a biological necessity to achieve relief from degenerative diseases, achieve optimum health and longevity and acquire what Webster’s Dictionary defines as Health. These Lifestyle changes are simply the Foundation of the Functional Biological, Physiological and Scientific Principles the human body requires to operate. These are in a simply stated: adequate water intake, exercise, proper, adequate and appropriate food intake as fat, carbohydrate and protein, eliminating poison and toxic exposure both from internal and external sources, and adequate vitamins, minerals, nutrients and cofactors to operate.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Programs’ are designed to assess the underlying cause of many common health concerns (such as obesity, cardiovascular problems, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, diabetes and hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, women’s health concerns, ADD-ADHD, fatigue, sleep disturbance to name a few as well as sports optimization) 

Degenerative diseases are built.  We build them.  They usually require a lot of effort and nurturing through erroneous lifestyle patterns and exposures.  We have to eat, drink and feel them into existence.  It is hard work.  Through the use of lack of knowledge, poor lifestyle habits, we create the health we deserve.  The health we deserve is often a culmination of our daily decisions.  If restoration of health is our choice this too requires effort.  The universe rewards action. A positive action . . . prevention through education and lifestyle change . . . may bring health and longevity. No action or a negative action may bring disease, pain and ultimately an early death.

“What we call our life is the emanation of…
all our prior actions, thoughts, loves and fears.”