Basic human Care 101

LESSON # 1: Drink pure H2O preferably distilled and at least an amount in ounces equal to your body weight divided by two.  This is needed for every biochemical process in the body to occur!!!! Dehydration is a major contributor of almost every disease process. 

LESSON #2: Homo Sapiens Require Exercise.  Take yourself out for a long walk.  The animal kingdom requires animals to move about.  It is important for muscle tone, lymphatic movement, toxin elimination and calorie utilization, etc.  The human species is a dynamic, vibrant, powerful creature designed for athletic prowess, not being a couch potato.

LESSON #3: Breath.  Breath in the air.  Don’t be afraid to care.  Humans require O2.
>O2 = <CO2 (increased oxygen equals decreased carbon dioxide, a metabolic waste product).  Cancer and free radical damage is less likely to occur in an oxygenated and nutrient dense environment.  Aerobic exercise not only oxygenates the body, but creates movement and builds muscle tone as stated above.  If regular, sustained exercise could be encapsulated it would the most powerful curative medication known to man for almost all diseases.

LESSON #4: Eat Foods Appropriate to the Species.  You don’t feed Fido, the family dog, corn chips and coke and candy and french fries and burgers, because Fido will DIE.  So do Homo sapiens!  Don’t believe me?  Look at the American statistics on obesity, cancer, heart attacks and strokes.  If the zoo fed their orangutans and gorillas the Standard American Diet (SAD for short) they would be fined and closed for inhumane treatment to animals.  Most foods consumed by Americans today did not exist 100 years ago and if they did they did not exist in their altered and refined and nutrient deficient state.  Do your foods have nutrients?

LESSON #5: Elimination.  Take in nutrients-eliminate waste.  Toxin build up is poisonous to the body.  Do you want your inner body full of fresh nutrient dense life enhancing fluid?  Or do you want your internal being full of excess waste product that can’t be voided out through the urine, bowel or sweat?  This occurs when you are producing and ingesting poisons faster than you can excrete them.  Remember what doesn’t come out of the body stays in your body.  The scary thing is you may be literally full of it if you’re not careful.

Just a few basics that you or the average alien taking hostages and caring for a human being may want to know.  These sound simple, but they are indeed the bare basics that are imperative, but all too often neglected.

If you analyzed your own basic care of your physical element moment are you administering proper care?  THINK, THINK, THINK.


“You are responsible, for your health, your life, your destiny.”

© 1999 Dr. Paul Mach, DN