Water Alert!

By: Dr. Paul Mach, DN

“One in four Americans drink water that violates federal health standards. About 25% of communities provide water that contains excessive levels of biological, chemical or radioactive contaminants. And that, the organization says, is just the tip of the iceberg. Many water utilities have done a miserable job monitoring their water, and many existing federal water safeguards could hardly be weaker”, warns the Environmental Working Group.

Carol Browner, the administrator of the EPA, admits “one out of four water systems fails to conduct all the tests required to verify that our water is safe.”

The national Resources Defense Council, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group, reported that more than 90% of the nation’s water utilities do not use available modern technology and equipment to remove chemical contamination from drinking water supplies.

Keeping water unpolluted costs big business money…. Lots of money. In 1995, “the house just passed revisions to the Clean Water Act that would give industry and states increased flexibility in regulatory compliance.” We are victims of our standard of living. The United States is one of the worlds leading industrial powers, but unfortunately in many instances this is achieved through depleting and abusing our natural resources.

The Northern Illinois Water Corporation was nice enough to fax me our local water quality sheet. What always amazes me is the amount of chemicals that are in the water. These toxins are of course removed to “acceptable” levels. Tolerable levels are just that, tolerable, not healthy levels. Referring to these 50+ chemicals such as arsenic, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, toluene, etc., who is to say how much we really want to consume of each of these poisons? These chemicals accumulate in your bodies’ cells and organs daily, for years, and interact with each other having an unknown synergistic affect.

To add insult to injury chlorine and fluoride are then also added to our tap water. Chlorine is a disinfectant, an irritant and a poison. It is a yellowish-green gaseous element, with suffocating odor designed to kill. It has virtually eliminated the spread of diseases such as Shigella, Salmonella, and vibrio cholera, but the scary part is that it has an accumulative cancer causing affect in your body. According to Burton Goldberg’s book The Definitive Guide To Cancer, it states from a Harvard study that “people drinking chlorinated water over long periods of time have a 38% increase in their chances of contracting rectal cancer and a 21% increase in the chance of contracting bladder cancer.” “The dangers from inhaling chlorine can exceed those derived from drinking chlorinated water. The amount of chloroform (the most common trihalomethane in chlorinated water) inhaled or absorbed through the skin during a typical shower may be 6 times higher than that absorbed from drinking chlorinated water, states the International Health News.” (Note: The EPA regulates NIWC Sterling division water at 1-1½ PPM)

“Fluoride, a poison second in toxicity only to arsenic, has routinely been added to public drinking water and toothpaste since the 1950’s. An aluminum industry lawyer who had become head of the U.S. Public Health Service first introduced the practice of water fluoridation. Touted as a way to improve the public’s dental health, fluoride was also a lucrative way for the aluminum industry to get rid of sodium fluoride, its main toxic waste product. The fluoride compounds most commonly added to water currently are actually unrefined toxic waste products of phosphate fertilizer production. As early as 1953, scientists proved that fluoridated water did not reduce cavities in children. According to the scientific research, fluoride consumption creates multiple hazards with respect to cancer. Fluoride can produce cancer, transforming normal human cells into cancerous ones even at concentrations of only 1 parts per million. Fluoride can increase the cancer producing potential of other cancer-causing chemicals. Low levels of fluoride can increase the incidence of skin cancers from 12 to 100%, sometimes in only days. As little as 1 PPM of fluoride in water was found was found to increase the tumor growth rate in mice by 25%.” (Note: NIWC Sterling division water contains .9-1.2 mg per liter)

It is obvious our water is perfect for washing cloths and cars. Thank you NIWC for doing a good job with this universal household cleaning solvent. As your health coach, I recommend please don’t drink the tap water.

Where can I start with H20?…. Great product! It is the only substance that exists as a solid, a liquid, and a gas, in the earth’s normal temperature range, often at the same time and in the same place. It covers 75% of the world, and people throughout history have prayed to the god’s and sacrificed for both more of it (rain), and then begged for it’s cessation.

Without a doubt water is the most essential nutrient. Adults are between 45% and 65% water. The blood is 83% water, kidneys 82%, muscles 75%, liver 69%, and bones 22%. Water is the principle constituent of the fluids that surround and are within all living cells.

DO YOU: Breath? Eat? Assimilate what you eat? Have a metabolism? Go to the bathroom?
Respiration, digestion, assimilation, metabolism, elimination, waste removal, and temperature regulation are all bodily functions in which we engage and can only be accomplished in the presence of water. Water is essential for dissolving and transporting nutrients such as oxygen and mineral salts via the blood, lymph and other bodily fluids. Water also keeps the pressure, acidity and composition of all chemical reactions in equilibrium.

As a health coach I am not here to treat or diagnose any illness or disease, but to give you some coaching. DRINK PURE WATER. Dehydration is rampant within our society. In my opinion the lack of water is one of the single largest healthcare crises that we have in existence today. Only oxygen is more essential than water in sustaining your life.

DRINK PURE WATER. I discuss health concerns with people on a daily basis. You, my friends, have concerns with low energy, premature aging, arthritis, blood pressure problems, edema, headaches and migraines, excess weight gain, constipation, sore muscles and aching backs, dry skin, irritable bowel, fibromyalgia, painful periods, impotence, elevated cholesterol and so on.
Your coach is advising you that many of the health concerns that plague our society could be helped, avoided or eliminated by an increased fluid intake.
*Sounds too simple. It’s really not. Many bodily processes simply cannot occur correctly without water.