New millenium resolutions:

Dr. Paul Mach, DN

The end of the world did not come as a result of Y2K. Many of us took preventative measures in preparation for this apocalyptic event by stocking up on water, and having extra food. Some people I know even got generators and dehydrated foodstuffs. All to no avail. We do this out of fear and self-preservation. This energy often is expended to the wrong avenues. Unfortunately, we don’t acknowledge the real preservation of our own life. We have this love hate-relationship with ourselves. How little can I do and still loose weight, have energy, be gorgeous and live forever. The universe only rewards action. We aren’t usually willing to stockpile health equity for the long haul. Also may I be bold enough to say that we have a wee bit of suicidal tendencies in our nature. Many of us have the, “I’m going to live forever, I’m infallible syndrome.” The point is that we really are the proverbial glass houses in which stones shouldn’t be thrown. We just love stones and slingshots so much though. In our everyday lives we flirt with known disaster. Smoking, excess drinking, fast cars and fast women, foods we know are bad for us, abusive relationships, etc. We sell ourselves cheap. Our aspirations are all to often put aside and rationalized.

If you keep doing, what you have been doing,
you are going to keep getting the same results.

Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. As Nike says, Just Do It. Play Hard. In the game of life there are those who sit on the sidelines. They complain, give advice, criticize and yell, scream and swear at those who are actually out on the field, sweating, getting hurt and playing the game. You’ve seen them: the fat slobs, the prissy mother in law, the nosey neighbor or maybe even the religious zealot. They think they know everything about “the game.” Their obstinence even makes them self-righteous. They think they are some sort of enlightened being, and yet the truth of the matter is they haven’t got a clue. They perniciously adhere to their belief structure. The limited data and knowledge they are working with is just enough to make them dangerous, to themselves and to others. People kill over these erroneous perverse beliefs. These people masquerade out in the real world as politicians, clergy, spouses, doctors, lawyers, police officers, and can often be seen in your bathroom mirror, even when you are all alone. Ignorance is not bliss, it is ignorant.  

My New Millenium wish to you is to live this year with light, love and passion. (If not for you, for those of us who have to be around you.) Open your hearts, your eyes and your ears. Do not be afraid of the gorgeous, brilliant, talented, magnificent, loving person that is inside of you. Do not sell out, to yourself or to those who could care less, profiting only from your gullibility and the lemming mentality. There will always be greater and lesser people than yourself, but you are magnificent. As little children we were full of love and light. As teen-agers we were going to conquer the word with our audacity. As young adults the world was our oyster. It was big, bold and ours. The truth is that it still is. We have just forgotten and/or put aside this wonder-lust of life. How many of us have sold out, and stopped thinking for yourself relying on the media and the distorted belief systems conveyed to you by those who “think” they know it all. The worst part is we become so lazy we give up our thought process and actually follow this advice.


As a human personage you are multifaceted. You have an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual dynamic to you. These all need to be addressed and nourished. You are only as strong as your weakest link. This may be induced or genetic. It may even be a part of your psychological imagination. We induce and manifest a lot of these problems into existence. The best news is that we can alter our destiny at any given time. We have the ability and capability to take and regain full control over our lives and our future. The journey of a million miles begins with the first step.  

What were your New Years resolutions? How about those secret holidays dreams you wished and aspired for in the deepest recess of your heart? These are not always tangible.  It is these dreams of the heart that are your responsibility. You may want more energy, your health improved, to live a long, healthy vibrant life or just plain feel better.  You may desire evolutionary growth on a mental, physical or spiritual plane. You may just want to make it through the day vibrantly and without anguish. It may be weight loss or to stop smoking so you live long enough to see you grand children. These are all within your grasp. However you must do what needs to be done. The universe rewards action. Neither weight loss nor enlightenment comes too frequently while watching TV and eating bon-bons. 

Live a life of passion. Create the world you live in one that you are proud of and want to live every day. Make your body the way you want it. We are not victims. Don’t start the new millenium out settling for less than you know you are and for less than you know you deserve. Live, love, laugh. Read, learn, and grow on a spiritual mental and emotional basis. Create the bold vibrant life you deserve. Touch your heart and in so doing you will touch the hearts of those you interact with every day.