20 Questions to test your health I.Q.

Dr. Paul Mach, DN

Somebody suggested to me the other day to do a questionnaire on health, like they do in all the other magazines. This is not like one of those perverse I.Q./classification tests that we subject our children to. You know the ones that whether they fail or succeed much of their future life is built around, systematically placing them in a neat pigeonhole. Those tests, do not test, they qualify and quantify. This will be a test of greater academic proportions, a lot like the test of life. It will allow you the opportunity to THINK and LEARN, not parrot. It will also allow you to experience Socratic learning. Growth through introspection and conversation. Knowledge is not necessarily gathering more data, as much as it is possibly seeing through the ILLUSIONS created and living this greater truth. Learning and thinking and acting out of a space of love are some of the tests most important in life. To have an answer is important, the right answer we say is better, but if it weren’t for men who thought different, lived outside of the box, where would we be today. A few of these men were Einstein, Columbus, Edison, Jesus, Buddha, Washington and Lincoln. They all either failed massively many times or stepped beyond the illusions and norms created by their society, altering the history of the world. These standards they abolished were once believed to be truths. Through their veracity they lived and acted. They created new truths and new realities, by THINKING and FOLLOWING THROUGH on what they knew in their heart was true, and by overcoming societies prescribed beliefs based on erroneous reasoning. Those of us, who remember our teenage years of choice, did this once. We acted out of belief. We may have been wrong at times, but still acted, and always learned something. Do we still think and act out of the beliefs of our heart or are we part of the mob rules mentality? Are you an iron man robotic?  Are you being told what to do by the suits and 60 second commercials? Are you selling your beliefs to those who stand to profit by your subjection to peer pressure and the hallucinated need of keeping up with the Jones’. It’s amazing to me how advertising can convince the world how to live, eat, sleep, mate, wear and act compared to their profitable fantasy. Follow your heart and head. Think, learn, grow. 

A health questionnaire. “Ah, a new and scary proposition you may say”, or you may say “how sarcastic I love to think” or “ this is stupid I’m not reading this Dr. Mach’s garbage”, well the bottom line is that the first paragraph made you think of something. What you thought of, and how you perceive the questions are based upon your life experiences of questionnaires, doctors, health, sarcasm, etc. I’m not talking anarchy, but just a quick glimpse into the window of your life. You know so many things. Don’t you? Why don’t you practice what you preach, what you know to be true? We go through life with the “I knew, I shoulda,” “I wish, I woulda,” syndrome. This is an optional choice. We all have the freedom to act. It may just be the courage and energy we are lacking.

INTEGRITY = Not cheating and looking at any answers until you have completely finished.
That means you. You will need a pencil. Mark all answers clearly. No cheating. THINK!

  1. Coffee is a health food?  T or F
  2. Sugar enhances the effectiveness of the immune system?  T or F
  3. Cigarettes are healthy?  T or F
  4. Lard, Hydrogenated Oils, Olean, margarine and rat poison are healthy?  T or F
  5. Does a box of cookies a day keep the doctor away?   T or F
  6. You should eat something fried a minimum of 3 times per day?  T or F
  7. Potato chips, popcorn, corn chiperoos and french fries are high in nutrition?  T or F
  8. Prescription medications have no side effects?  T or F
  9. Soda should be your beverage of choice because of its health benefits?  T or F
  10. Children and teens should carry handguns to school?  T or F
  11. You should ignore health problems because they will probably go away?  T or F
  12. Fast food is nutritious for children because it makes them healthy and strong?  T or F
  13. Cigarette smoking will make your breath stink, shorten your life 10+ years and kill you?  T or F
  14. Smoking 1-pack daily costs over $1000 yearly plus medical expenses?  T or F
  15. You should you eat 5 servings of vegetables daily?  T or F
  16. You need 8 or more glasses of water daily for your body to function?  T or F
  17. Exercising 3+ days per week for 30+ minutes is imperative for health?  T or F
  18. Sugar substitutes in blue or pink packages are poisonous?  T or F
  19. The mineral and vitamin content in our food is low due to soil depletion, so it is imperative that a very good multi vitamin and mineral formula supplement be utilized?  T or F
  20. Heart attacks, stroke and cancer kill 75% of Americans and are highly preventable?  T or F



Are you done? Your not cheating are you? Did you think about each answer completely? Congratulations, then you are already a winner. It was a stupid test because there was nothing there you haven’t heard many times before. In fact you probably skimmed through the whole test and were so proud that you knew all the correct answers. Weren’t you? Of course your smart, you have to be, you’re reading my column. You know this stuff,

This is the part that separates the real winners in life from the masses. You often know what is correct, but do you use what you know? What a scary concept. You are responsible. You are responsible for your life, your health and ultimately your destiny. Faith and knowledge without actions is not just dead, but haunts us and makes our life miserable because we know better, and yet sell out on ourselves. How often do we have the answer, yet act in a manner opposing this. We then live with this guilt and beat ourselves up while continuing this negative behavior. The worst part is when others are involved like a spouse or children, because they ultimately must suffer and pay the price for our refusal to do what we know is positive, healthy and correct. So this week I challenge you to follow through on what you know is correct. You have a lot of the answers already, use them. You will find you will be happier. You are operating out of integrity. Life is not a spectator sport. Play hard. Then learn more and play harder, smarter, and stronger. Find a good teacher and coach. Grow.
(NOTE 1-12 =F, 12 –20 = T)