Meet The Naprapath


Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Paul Mach, DN. I am also a licensed elementary school teacher and have a BA in Psychology. I am a Reiki Master. I have also studied hematology, write and do research. In my spare time, which as life would always seem to have it, is never enough, I love Theosophy and all religions, good conversation and a spirited debate, and being a gym rat.

At this point you are probably asking yourself what all those letters and what is all this “stuff”.
~A DN is a doctor of Naprapathy. This is a licensed Illinois profession that specializes in connective tissue disorders, i.e. muscular, ligamentous and spinal dysfunction along with licensure to use health, vitamin, and nutrient education to assist the body to heal. Many health problems develop due to nutrient inadequacies or excesses. Balance is extremely important in maintaining your bodies proper chemistry.
~A ND is a Naturopath. Naturopaths focus on the education of the patent in diet, supplementation, exercise and the use of the body’s innate ability to maintain health and heal itself given the proper support and assistance.

What that all means is that I have spent many years in school unlearning and relearning what we have been taught and conditioned over the years. I also picked up a few good tips here and there, and learned that the more acquired or intuitive truths I receive the less I actually know in the big picture of life. I’m not one fraction as smart as the brilliant intelligence that is intuitively part of the healing power of nature and universal energy that your body and spirit already posses. If we would only give our body and spirit half a chance, listen to it, then seek guidance and an appropriate protocol our lives would be all the better for it.

Health is defined in Webster’s dictionary as: 1. The condition of being sound in body, mind and soul esp.: freedom from physical pain and disease. 2. Flourishing condition.

Disease is defined in Webster’s dictionary as: an impairment of the normal state of the living animal or plant body that perfects the performance of the vital functions: sickness.

It is sad how many people never live in a sound state of health, but live their whole lives never feeling “quite right”. This middle ground of existence that occurs somewhere between health and disease is dysgenesis. It is where we know we are not quite right. These problems result when congenital inadequacies, stress and nutritional deficiencies escalate to produce a functional disorder characterized by the loss of health and a series of subacute and disruptive changes. Physical symptoms manifest themselves first as one problem than as another. Sometimes these symptoms are given a name such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, high this or low that, or a “-cemia” of some type. Many times these are what people call “normal” aches and pains, or what just happens when you’re a certain age (20, 30, 40, 50, etc.).”

Well my friends, all I know is if Mr. Webster states that health is a flourishing condition; being sound of body, mind and soul; then many of us are falling short and need to reclaim our birthright. We must stop pretending that diseased conditions are caught or just happen. They don’t. We are not victims. Most degenerative diseases are not derived from any single root or cause. They are multi-factorial (other than trauma or pure hereditary conditions). We build them in our body, mind and soul. They require a lot of effort and nurturing. We have to eat, drink, and feel them into existence. We do what we think is best, but is it?

As a society we are weak and childlike against the manipulative outpouring of information that is used to condition us. Madison Avenue has the best of the best to train us and make us do as they say, and not honor our own being, only to serve their financial needs. Big business has been our dietary consultant and our medical advisor and has sponsored and bought more people and industries than we could fit in a city phone book. This grand illusion tells us how to eat, drink, sleep, have sex and whom to have it with, what car to buy, how to raise our children, and what we should look like. If we don’t do these things, which are considered “appropriate” to the norm, we are considered radical or even feel guilty because we don’t meet the expectations of “the machine”. We all know how it feels like to have sold out, to have given up our soul’s beliefs and dreams just to be accepted and loved, and to fit into the mob rules mentality.

As I continue to be your health columnist, we will explore a multitude of topics. It will be a fun and wild journey delving into diverse health topics. I invite you to scrutinize what I say and try it on for size. My goal and mission are to give you sound, factual and informative data. These are only my humble opinions, and while some may fit like a glove others may sound like the wanderings of a madman, you always get a laugh and maybe occasionally learn something. My mission is to share a little knowledge, a few truths, and some insights. We all need a catalyst to laugh, to grow, to think and to experience the diversity that life has available. Together, let us begin this journey. This time choose, for you always have a choice, to be sound in body, mind and soul.


Doctor Paul C. Mach, DN

Naprapath, Health, Vitamin, and Nutrient Educator

Dr. Mach

Educational Achievements

· 2001–Diplomat in Naturopathy granted through the National Board
of Naturopathic Examiners

· 1997 - Doctorate of Naprapathy granted through The Chicago National College of Naprapathy (Licensed in Illinois)

· 1997 - Certified Clinical Nutritionist granted through the International and American Clinical Nutritionist Association

· 1996 - Certified Phlebotomist granted through American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians

· 1996 - Certified in Clinical Hematology and Related Nutritional Biochemistry through The Arizona Homeopathic Medical University and The Hematological-Physiological Research Institute

· 1995 - Certified Massage Therapist granted through The American Massage Therapy Association

· 1995 - Reiki Master-Third Degree Therapist- Granted through Usui Shiki Ryoho

· 1986 - Licensed in Illinois as an Elementary Education Teacher

· 1985 - Naturopath granted through The Southern College of Naturopathic Physicians

· 1985 - Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology granted through Lewis University

· 1985 - Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education granted through Lewis University