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Health is: Compass Neurological, Who we are (Physilogical, Spiritual, Emotional

The Dr. Paul Mach, DN Show

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   Dr Mach, DN, specializes in implementing personalized scientific and research driven nutrient/vitamin/herbal/dietary programs—based upon each person’s health concerns, issues and unique goals.  This comprehensive approach is based upon listening to the patient, hearing what is said, running appropriate laboratory tests and than assessing all data.  It is only when a complete view of the whole person metabolic profile is obtained that specific recommendations and treatments can be made to assist you and your body to heal. This is done by addressing the cause and not treating just the symptom.

  Dr. Mach, DN, sorts through the maze of fad diets/vitamins/herbs/tonics and misinformation and the short term “quick fixes”. These are often used inappropriately to treat or mask symptoms of an underlying health condition instead of actually resolving the cause of the problem.  Through scientifically substantiated, usable and intelligent information, you take control of your health and life destiny. With proper coaching, you evolve into the energetic and optimally healthy individual you know you were created to be.

  Utilizing these simple yet specific customized nutritional protocols and detoxification procedures there is hope for virtually every health concern – even when you have been everywhere else and you still don’t feel the way you want.

Support is available for women’s health concerns, weight loss, anti-aging, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetes, depression and anxiety, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, sports optimization, arthritis, immune disorders, ADD, and preventative measures for cancer and circulatory disorders to name a few.

PREVENTION is ALWAYS better than early DETECTION!!! 


“Webster’s dictionary defines Health as a flourishing condition of body, mind and spirit. As a holistic health care practitioner I believe in your body’s ability to achieve health if given the appropriate water, nutrients, exercise, and guidance.

“My commitment is to serve and assist my patients through the maze of confusion and help you make informed decisions and choices that will lead to your optimal wellness.”

“My goal is for you to feel flourishing health the way you know God created you to experience.”

“My life's purpose is to LISTEN, TEACH and ASSIST you to the best of my ability with deep commitment and integrity.”

“Your health, your life are your responsibility. I am here to help.”

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